The Brand

WARPED is governed by a dichotomy which comes into play in the form of honoring individuality while celebrating unity. Our mission is to aid everyone in their journey to becoming their truest and most resilient self. We aim to provide all our consumers with the right knowledge into the world of denim, to be able to recognize a pair of good jeans when they see one. The kind of jeans that allow you to comfortably push your boundaries while equipped with endurance.


Co-founders, Eshraka Sumrain and Lara Al-Huneidi  recognized the need for a denim revolution in the Arab World. With a yearning to create expressive art using denim as the blank canvas, and a vision for the perfect fit for every shape, they aim to bring this vision interwoven with their core values to the world of e-commerce. Warped is the beginning of a new era, inviting it’s consumers to stand out with comfort and style.



Acknowledging that we all come in different molds, our slogan is “Good Genes”, which serves as a nod to the brand’s philosophy of embracing all those who are unapologetically different, while celebrating the marriage between recognizing these differences that set us apart, and embracing ourselves as unequivocally equal.