Our values are strongly intertwined with that of the protection and preservation of our planet. We see and recognize the contribution the textile industry adds to the levels of pollution in the world, and to play our role in fighting back, we ensure that our factory uses the newest technologies that cut down water and energy consumption to a minimum. Moreover, much of the fabrics we use are recycled fabrics or partially recycled fabrics. The technologies mentioned below allow us to produce our products with 95% less water, 90% less artificial chemicals and 40% less electricity than traditional production means, to achieve the same final looks. 

Make Your Jeans Last Longer

Remember, jeans were originally made to withstand the toughest working conditions. This means that your jeans should last years with you! Here are a few tips and tricks to help keep your jeans with you for the longest period of time:

Do not wash your jeans in the washing machine unless necessary.

Jeans should be hand washed after every 10 uses.

Only wash in a cold cycle and air dry, dryers are the enemies of jeans!

You can keep them smelling fresh by spraying a mix of baking soda, essential oils and water.